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17-Jahre-Punkrockers-Radio-Festival am 21. September

16 Jahre Punkrockers-Radio Festival
Am 21. September feiern wir in der Rotunde Bochum das 17 Jahre Punkrockers-Radio-Festival mit Old Styles Best, Kreftich, Sidewalksurfers, Weekly Carouse und Pott Riddim.

Details zu Astpai


„Realising that you’ve been lucky enough to spend half your life working on the thing that you love doing the most is quite an overwhelming feeling.“ ASTPAI love to be busy, and they’re busy with what they love. Having played their debut concert in August 2001 followed by the release oft wo full-length demos in 2002 and 2003, ASTPAI first started to attract international attention with their albums „Feeling Safe in Programmed Channels“ in 2005 and „Corruption Concealed (Under Deceptive Slogans)“ in 2006, the later being released and re-released several times in Europe and North America (Rise Or Rust Records for Austria, Fond Of Life Records for Mainland Europe, Jump Start Records fort he US and Canada) accompanied by a number of tours throughout the European mainland in 2007. The following year saw ASTPAI head stateside for the first time for a five-week tour along the US east coast and mid-west, as well as a four-week tour throughout the European mainland. In the same year, a split-cd with the UK’s Attack! Vipers! Was released on We Heart Records (UK) and Laserlife Records (EU). 2009 through early 2011 consisted of relentless touring including a six week, full US and Canadian tour, as well as a total of 20 weeks touring in Western- and Eastern Europe, including the bands’ first shows even in Greece and Russia. In addition to all the touring, ASTPAI managed to find time to release the fan favorite and critically acclaimed full-length „Heart To Grow“ (Ass-Card Records for Mainland Europe, No Reason Records for Italy, Jump Start Records for the US and Canada) in 2010, as well as two seven-inches, „The Scavenger“ (Jump Start Records) and „On Your Own“ (Laserlife Records). The group’s fourth full-length, „Efforts And Means“ (Ass Card Records, Jump Start Records, No Reason Records) was released in June 2012, followed by the seven-inch and digital EP „Crohnicles“ (Ass Card Records, Shield Recordings, Jump Start Records) in October 2013, along with 230 shows spanning two years of constant touring. 2014 saw ASTPAI tour the UK and EU supporting RX Bandits, A Wilhelm Scream, The Smith Street Band, Restorations and Only Crime, as well as main stage appearances at Groezrock in Belgium and Mighty Sounds Festival in the Czech Republic. A month long Euro tour was then followed by a return to The Fest in Gainesville, Florida in October making 2014 the bands’s busiest year ever, playing just under 140 shows. In between all the touring, ASTPAI managed to release their fifth and strongest full-length titled „Burden Calls“ in August 2014 (Ass Card Records, Jump Start Records), marking the band’s biggest leap forward into a busy 2015, including a main stage appearance at Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin, Slovenia and their sixth appearance at The Fest. „Burden CAlls“ was followed by the 2016 collection of B-sides release appropriately dubbed „Run From Home“ (Ass Card Records, Jump Start Records). After a short break in early 2017, the band took just enough time off to work on the long overdue follow up to „Burden Calls“. With the new J. Robbins mixed effort titled „True Capacity“ all but released, ASTPAI still managed to tour the US twice, including an appearance at Big Pre-Fest followed by another set in Gainesville at The Fest.

Heimatstadt: wiener neustadt, austria

Genre: punkrock/hc

Songs in der Playlist

True Capacity (2018)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Best Years 22.06.2018 06.12.2018 32
Body Parts 22.06.2018 05.06.2019 30
Falling Trees 22.06.2018 25.07.2019 35
Feel Your Pain 22.06.2018 13.07.2019 22
Lottery 22.06.2018 01.08.2019 21
No Hero 22.06.2018 19.06.2019 42
Rotten Bait 22.06.2018 03.05.2019 32
Saving Up 22.06.2018 30.06.2019 30
True Capacity 22.06.2018 23.07.2019 25
Wear And Tear 22.06.2018 12.04.2019 26

Crohnicles (2013)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
2000 Pills 24.02.2015 10.08.2019 33
Conditioned Love 14.04.2015 18.07.2019 19
Just Ask 15.02.2015 11.11.2018 19

Heart to Grow (2010)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
360 Per Second 05.01.2015 19.06.2019 36
Carne(t)vores ATA 07.07.2015 28.05.2019 16
Man Will Oder Nicht 24.04.2015 19.08.2019 21
On Your Own 15.01.2015 02.05.2019 19
Party to Its People 04.02.2015 21.08.2019 23
Radio PMA 04.02.2015 30.06.2019 25
Rankers & Rotters 04.08.2015 04.05.2019 17
Routines & Rattling Chains 08.02.2015 29.07.2019 23
So, Somehow (Difference As a Matter of Fact) 24.03.2015 15.08.2018 14
So, Somehow (The Conclusion) 03.03.2015 01.08.2019 23
Southwards 28.02.2015 18.04.2019 24
This is Counting 21.03.2015 17.07.2019 23
To All the Thieves 15.04.2015 09.07.2019 33
Wastable Wires 01.05.2015 07.05.2019 15

Corruption Concealed (Under Deceptive Slogans) (2006)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
... Is Meant To Become As Uncnecessary As Your Sexist Bullshit 30.05.2015 25.09.2018 17
Born As Destined, Locked Up As Forced 13.02.2015 07.02.2019 15
For Habits Of Bitterness 21.01.2015 22.08.2019 25
Hands Kept Clean 19.02.2015 11.04.2019 21
Hard To Manage Broken Windows 06.01.2015 10.07.2019 21
Lies & Affection 03.05.2015 25.07.2019 21
Obsession Kills 07.01.2015 11.02.2019 36
Stuck On Repeat 15.01.2015 17.08.2019 32
This Declaration Of War... 17.02.2015 25.02.2019 26
Visibilify! 27.02.2015 16.08.2019 19
Wünscht Du Wärst Längst... 19.01.2015 18.07.2019 51
Wünscht Du Wärst Längst... - - 0