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Blowfuse is an alternative rock band that emerged in 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by a wide range of music styles such as punk, rock, hardcore, grunge, funk... and marked by a frenetic and dissatisfied generation, Blowfuse continuesly attempts to create a unique sound of their own and a distinct way of expressing themselves that leaves nobody indifferent. The band's crazy live performances and the energetic skateboarding lifestyle that took part of their lives makes them one of the funniest bands to watch live and brings their shows to another level. Catchy but straightforward, melodic but furious, sharp but groovy... A great recipe that always tastes like more.

Heimatstadt: Barcelona

Genre: Groove Alternative Hardcore Punk Rock

Songs in der Playlist

Daily Ritual (2018)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Bad Thoughts 01.01.2019 28.03.2019 17

Couch (2014)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Behind The Wall 13.01.2015 27.08.2018 32
Fantasy Society 01.01.2015 25.02.2019 39
Not Enough 05.01.2015 19.04.2018 33
Radioland 05.01.2015 28.11.2018 36
Reach For The Sky 01.01.2015 02.03.2019 42
Smiling Proudly 06.01.2015 08.04.2019 38
Storyteller 01.01.2015 08.03.2019 54