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Radio-Compilation "Turn The Radio On"

Für den Frühjahr 2020 planen wir eine Compilation zum Thema "Radio". Wir freuen uns über Beiträge.

Details zu Carry All


Punk rock music has many different aspects you can explore and Carry-All (as the name says itself) really love to walk among most of them. Starting form a heavy west coast 90’s punk rock / hardcore influence they mix it with contaminations of ska, dixieland, ragtime, mexican and folk music in general obtaining a very particular and catchy sound which allowed them to hit Europe with hundred of concerts in Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Austria and Italy since 2006. During these years they had the chance to support famous bands in punk rock scene such as Less Than Jake, Raised Fist, Strung Out, Exploited, 7 Seconds, and many more. Their catchy brass section, along with a general funny attitude on stage, makes their live shows very fresh and easy listening although punk rock is leading. PARTY is their lifestyle and they are ready to tour and to drink all over.

Heimatstadt: Tolmezzo (UD)

Genre: Punk/Ska/Rock

Songs in der Playlist

Drink It Yourself (2012)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Brand New Day 20.03.2015 10.11.2019 19
D.I.Y. 18.06.2015 12.07.2019 18
Denise Was A Liar 22.02.2015 17.02.2020 24
Distorted Reality 16.06.2015 13.11.2019 25
Double Malt Happiness 01.02.2015 10.01.2019 25
I Do It For Myself 27.01.2015 31.12.2019 27
It Doesn't Matter 03.01.2015 13.12.2019 21
My Own Way 14.01.2015 20.10.2019 20
No Fun In My Hometown 04.03.2015 23.02.2019 26
Nothing Changes (In Italy) 10.01.2015 29.12.2019 14
Rocking Rag 20.03.2015 19.12.2019 32
What's The Matter With Us? 08.03.2015 01.10.2019 22
You Rascal You 20.02.2015 27.09.2019 22