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In the beginning of 2009 we started the band Defused. Punk is more than just music. Through the music we can share our opinions and ideas and let out all anger and frustration against this society. We're located near Zurich, the biggest city of Switzerland. Our sound is loud, fast and aggressive. The lyrics deal with the aspects and horrors of war, the day to day struggle, social problems, society, politics and the fuckin' way of life. Defused prefers to play in squats and clubs which support the punk scene. So far we've played with bands like The Casualties, Total Chaos, Krum Bums, The Restarts, Obtrusive, Uprising Punx, Dritte Wahl, Chefdenker and various Swiss bands. In July 2010 we recorded our first demo CD with 7 songs in Germany. One year later we decided to produce an EP with three new songs on it. The EP is called "Exploitation" and deals with the suffering of the third world, war and psychological distress. It is also directed against all right wing politics inside and outside of the punk scene. Right wing tolerance is not acceptable! Nazi punks fuck off!

Heimatstadt: Zürich, Schweiz / Zurich, Switzerland

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Distort The Truth (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Ashes 12.02.2017 31.03.2020 30
Distort The Truth 12.02.2017 06.07.2020 24
Forgotten Dreams 16.02.2017 07.08.2020 34
Future 15.02.2017 05.01.2020 24
Kalt 14.02.2017 08.02.2020 18
Never Conform 11.02.2017 30.06.2020 31
Nothing To Lose 17.02.2017 31.03.2020 25
Now Or Never 15.02.2017 21.09.2020 25
Religion Control 16.02.2017 28.07.2020 38
Rollbrett 15.02.2017 17.06.2020 35
Skate Thrash Destroy 20.02.2017 13.08.2020 47
We Are Free 18.02.2017 10.08.2020 29
World Of Waste 14.02.2017 12.08.2020 38