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"Remove Your Mask" - Tape (first run: 70 handnumbered copies, black tapes, sold out / second run: 100 copies, white tapes, sold out / tour special: 30 copies, yellow tapes and cover, sold out) released by Mustard Mustache (http://www.facebook.com/mustard.mustache) and Skull Witch Records (http://www.facebook.com/skullwitchrecords), 15. December 2012 "Broken Glass" - 12" (400 black vinyl, 100 clear red vinyl, 100 clear red vinyl, screen printed cover) released by Spastic Fantastic Records (https://www.facebook.com/spasticfantasticrecords), 7. August 2014

Heimatstadt: berlin

Genre: hardcore punk // powerviolence.

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Derbe Lebowski (2017)

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Drowning 07.08.2017 13.07.2020 20