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Radio-Compilation "Turn The Radio On"

Für den Frühjahr 2020 planen wir eine Compilation zum Thema "Radio". Wir freuen uns über Beiträge.

Details zu No Fun


NOFUN is a Garage-Punk band from Nuremberg and Berlin. They grew up in Nuremberg's local music scene, but it was only until singer Andreya left to Berlin, that they decided to get together and have NO FUN. Their debut show was a support gig for DIRECT HIT! in an abandoned building and featured a floatable whale as well as a naked dude wearing a wrestling mask. Musicwise it's a weird blend of 80's Punk, traditional Punkrock and Californian Garage-vibes.

Heimatstadt: Nürnberg / Berlin

Genre: Punk / Garage

Songs in der Playlist

Great Thieves Escape - Four Way Split (2016)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Cheesecake 16.06.2016 27.01.2020 42

How I Spent My Bummer Vacation (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Cats From Hell 06.11.2015 22.10.2019 56
Dirty Nails 14.11.2015 07.01.2020 36
Kiki 18.11.2015 28.11.2019 36
Mulholland Drive 07.11.2015 24.12.2019 60
Nightmare 4 am 25.11.2015 04.02.2020 47
Ode An Die Freude 27.08.2015 29.12.2019 52
Peter Says 04.11.2015 20.02.2020 40
Pizza Song 08.11.2015 21.10.2019 41
Pull The Trigger 05.11.2015 05.11.2019 40
Until My Heart Explodes 26.11.2015 20.06.2019 40