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Wir bestellen wieder T-Shirts, Pullis, Taschen und Kaffeebecher.

Wir bestellen wieder T-Shirts, Pullis, Taschen und Kaffeebecher. Diesmal haben wir zwei Motive zur Auswahl. Letzter Termin für Deine Bestellung ist der 14. März um Mitternacht.

Details zu Good Riddance


Good Riddance is a hardcore punk band from Santa Cruz, California which was formed in the early 1990s. The band grew out of California’s vibrant surfing and skateboarding culture and was influenced by such bands as Black Flag, The Adolescents, TSOL and Bad Religion as well as East Coast bands like Sick Of It All and the Cro Mags. The group’s early years were spent going through line up changes, playing local and regional shows and recording demos as they developed their sound. Early tours and a 7” record release on Little Deputy Records in 1993 (“Gidget”) brought the band widespread interest and overwhelmingly positive reviews. In 1994 the band caught the interest of Fat Wreck Chords who released the “Decoy” 7″ later that year while the band hit the studio with producer Ryan Greene to record their first full length album “For God And Country” which was released in early 1995. Over the next decade Good Riddance went on to release seven full length albums and an EP for Fat while crisscrossing the globe dozens of times on tour. The band developed a dedicated and passionate fan base through their constant touring and politically charged music. Good Riddance began donating a portion of their record sales to various organizations and doing whatever they could to raise awareness about the causes they felt strongly about. In May 2007 Good Riddance played their final show, fittingly in their hometown of Santa Cruz. The members then went their separate ways to raise families and pursue careers. Though there have been numerous offers to reform and play in the five years since, the band has turned them all down.

Heimatstadt: Santa Cruz

Genre: Punk Rock

Good Riddance live *

Wann Wo
13.06.2021 Faust, Hannover

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Songs in der Playlist

Thoughts And Prayers (2019)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Don't Have Time 23.06.2019 10.09.2020 29

Peace In Our Time (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Contrition 26.05.2015 12.01.2020 54
Disputatio 24.05.2015 18.07.2020 43
Dry Season 29.05.2015 29.05.2020 38
Glory Glory 09.06.2015 20.01.2021 54
Grace And Virtue 22.05.2015 26.12.2020 54
Half Measures 20.05.2015 25.07.2020 73
No Greater Fight 23.05.2015 30.06.2020 56
Our Better Natures 27.05.2015 18.11.2020 46
Running On Fumes 08.06.2015 10.06.2020 56
Shiloh 01.06.2015 11.05.2020 66
Take It To Heart 26.05.2015 21.11.2020 53
Teachable Moments 24.05.2015 20.12.2020 53
Washed Away 03.06.2015 19.02.2021 50
Year Zero 23.05.2015 23.10.2020 59

My Republic (2006)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Boise 13.03.2015 11.01.2021 31
Broken 16.02.2015 03.05.2019 24
Darkest Days 03.05.2015 22.08.2020 22
Out Of Mind 24.01.2015 22.10.2020 27
Regret 25.04.2015 20.04.2020 31
Rise And Fall 02.01.2015 22.01.2021 38
Save The Children 11.04.2015 25.07.2020 39
Shame 14.01.2015 26.10.2020 25
Tell Me Why 21.02.2015 04.12.2020 31
Texas 12.01.2015 06.01.2021 45
This Beast Is Dangerous 06.01.2015 04.12.2020 41
Torches And Tragedies 12.03.2015 16.12.2020 39
Uniform 27.05.2015 21.06.2020 30
Up To You 29.01.2015 03.01.2021 44