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The successful band from Sunderland were one of the leading lights of the late 80s hardcore punk scene. After numerous tours and the release of three critically acclaimed albums, two Peel Sessions, plus seven inch and twelve inch singles, 75% of the band went on with Frankie Stubbs to form LEATHERFACE and have even more success over the years. Now, David Golledge (Vocals), Dickie Hammond (Guitar) have reunited with Skruff Owen (LEATHERFACE/ Abrasive Wheels – Drums)*, Mick Jones (guitar) and Dean Liddle (bass) to record the first new HDQ album in 23 years – and “Lost In Translation” does not disappoint – its everything you would want and expect from an HDQ album in the 21st century, Golly’s vocals have never sounded better, and complement the unmistakable guitar sound of Dickie Hammond to a tee. You need this!! Available on CD Format (which features bonus track "Toronto" from the recent 7") or Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl LP with Download Code *Skruff is the current drummer of HDQ replacing Lainey who appears on 4 of the recorded tracks. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland order from Rookie Records credits released 30 September 2013

Heimatstadt: Sunderland

Genre: Punk/Hardcore

Songs in der Playlist

Lost In Translation (2013)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Dig In Deep 01.01.2015 27.08.2023 188
Dislocated 05.01.2015 21.09.2023 163
Hand Me Downs 14.01.2015 03.10.2023 145
Lost In Translation 18.02.2015 24.06.2023 136
No One Wants To Lose A Friend 01.02.2015 07.09.2023 173
Room With A View 02.01.2015 23.09.2023 140
Soon Get Sick Of The Sea 07.01.2015 05.09.2023 154
The Never Ending Winter 09.01.2015 24.09.2023 161
The Other Side 14.01.2015 28.09.2023 166
Wake Up Call 10.01.2015 24.09.2023 172