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Wir bestellen wieder T-Shirts, Pullis, Taschen und Kaffeebecher. Diesmal haben wir zwei Motive zur Auswahl. Letzter Termin für Deine Bestellung ist der 14. März um Mitternacht.

Details zu NOFX


If there’s been one constant in NOFX’s twenty-five year career, it’s been their quest to innovate, whether that means writing the world’s most prolific punk song (“The Decline”), playing shows in some of the most dangerous locales in the world (as evidenced in their Fuse TV series Backstage Passport) or tackling subject matter that will make you laugh, cry and critically think—often within the confines of the same song. NOFX (frontman Fat Mike, drummer Erik Sandin and guitarists Eric Melvin and El Hefe) carry on this tradition with their eleventh studio album Coaster, which exposes a more personal and introspective side of one’s of punk’s most revered and enigmatic acts. “I think that this record is more old-school than anything we’ve done in the past,” Mike says about Coaster. “NOFX were a hardcore band that got melodic, but to me the best kind of music came out of that early ’80s L.A. movement,” he continues, citing acts like the Adolescents and Circle Jerks as constant influences and adding that Coaster is “a little darker and less aggressive than our other stuff.” Recorded with legendary Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson at San Francisco’s Motor Studios, the album accurately captures the eighties sound—although Mike insists this wasn’t a conscious effort. “We’d just start playing a song and we all kept thinking that clean guitar tones would sound better; it just kind of drove it more,” he explains, adding that the band strictly used vintage Silvertone amps and Fender Jazzmasters to capture that era’s incendiary sound. When you consider what Mike has been through since the band released Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing in 2006, it shouldn’t any surprise that some of Coaster’s lyrical content is bleak—a fact that’s evidenced on the band’s most personal song to date, “My Orphan Year,” which is about the passing of both of his parents in 2006. “Once I had a kid I realized that you have to give your child a lot of attention if you want to be a parent, so when my dad asked me to come see him on his death bed I just said no, where were you when I was a kid” he explains when asked about the song’s content. “Alternately, I was with my mom for the whole month that she died 24 hours a day,” he continues, adding that many people have cried the first time they’ve heard the track. “I know a lot of people who have had similar experiences, so it’s really amazing to be able to evoke that kind of emotion from people.” However that doesn’t mean that Coaster is a complete downer—and from awkward conversations with lesbian sisters (“Creeping Out Sara”) to a critical view of domestic exceptionalism (“We Called It America”) and the skewering of organized religion (“The Best God In Show”), Coaster is still teeming when the razor-sharp wit and parody that NOFX have become famous for. “People are like, ‘Why don’t you stop bashing these Christians already?’” Mike explains, when asked about Coaster’s subject matter. “It’s because I can’t get away from it. From the daily news to religious wars to Proposition 8 and the fucking gullibility of people thinking there’s some guy who’s the son of God,” he continues with a sigh. “I can’t believe how stupid people are, yet these same people are running the fucking world.” While the world may not be a perfect place, NOFX have always made the best of it, which is evidenced in their successful TV series that aired last year on Fuse TV. “Backstage Passport wasn’t like ‘Let’s do a TV show,’ it was like, ‘Let’s show people how much fun we have on tour because we don’t know any other band that does,’” Mike explains. “It isn’t showing four guys just bitching about how hard it is to be on the road and how they miss their family, but about how much fun we’re having in crazy situations,” he continues. “We tour with a lot of bands and it always seems like we’re having the best time of our lives, no matter what goes wrong or right at the gigs.” After famously refusing to make videos and give interviews for a majority of their career, both Backstage Passport and Coaster are insightful glimpses into the inner workings of one of punk’s most iconic and guarded bands—and whether you’re new to NOFX or have followed their rise to unlikely cult superstardom over the past two decades, these releases also show that punk’s most irresponsible band can actually mature.sort of. “I wrote a song about my parents dying and then I cry in Israel on TV,” Mike summarizes when asked to condense the past few years into one sentence. “I think this year you definitely get to see the inside of NOFX instead of the goofy exterior,” Mike acknowledges,“and people seem to enjoy it.”

Heimatstadt: SF AND LA

Genre: Punk Rock

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24.10.2021 Faust, Hannover

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Fuck Euphemism (2021)

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Fuck Euphemism 07.02.2021 20.02.2021 2

Linewleum (2021)

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Linewleum 18.01.2021 27.02.2021 7

Singles (2021)

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Birmingham - - 0
Doors And Fours - - 0
Fish In A Gun Barrel 27.02.2021 27.02.2021 1
Fuck Euphemism - - 0
Grieve Soto - - 0
I Love You More Than I Hate Me - - 0
Linewleum - - 0
My Bro Cancervive Cancer - - 0
Your Last Resort - - 0

Frank Turner / NOFX Split (2020)

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Thatcher Fucked The Kids 03.07.2020 15.01.2021 15

First Ditch Effort (2016)

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6 Years On Dope 22.10.2016 19.01.2021 35
Bye Bye Biopsy Girl 21.10.2016 05.02.2021 40
California Drought 24.10.2016 20.09.2020 38
Dead Beat Mom 30.10.2016 07.07.2020 35
Ditch Effort 19.10.2016 19.01.2021 37
Generation Z 26.10.2016 21.12.2020 39
Happy Father's Day 07.11.2016 13.01.2021 38
I Don't Like Me Anymore 18.10.2016 01.10.2020 31
I'm A Transvest-Lite 22.10.2016 08.07.2020 29
I'm So Sorry Tony 22.10.2016 14.01.2021 36
It Ain't Lonely At The Bottom 24.10.2016 23.11.2020 32
Oxy Moronic 02.10.2016 16.01.2021 58
Sid And Nancy 18.10.2016 14.05.2020 39
Six Years On Dope 22.08.2016 06.12.2020 37

Fat Music Vol. 8 - Going Nowhere Fat (2015)

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SF Clits Demo Version 03.09.2015 18.04.2020 45

Backstage Passport Soundtrack (2014)

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All My Friends In New York 10.01.2015 14.02.2021 59
Backstage Passport 12.01.2015 23.11.2020 58
Fan Mail 11.01.2015 11.01.2021 44
Insulted By Germans (Again) 17.01.2015 09.12.2020 37
Last Night Was Really Fun 13.01.2015 26.04.2020 55
No Fun In Fundamentalism 16.01.2015 19.11.2020 60
Punk Rock Passport 11.01.2015 09.04.2020 47
The Greatest Country In The World 14.01.2015 25.01.2021 42
You Will Lose Faith 17.01.2015 16.09.2020 37
Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car 23.02.2015 11.05.2020 40

Stoke_Extinguisher (2013)

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I Believe In Goddess 03.06.2015 01.01.2021 30
My Stepdad's A Cop And My Stepmom's A Domme 20.01.2015 23.02.2021 29
New Year's Revolution 07.02.2015 13.07.2020 28
Stoke Extinguisher 21.05.2015 23.11.2020 28
The Shortest Pier 22.01.2015 19.11.2020 24
Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots 19.04.2015 10.06.2020 20

Cokie the Clown (2009)

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Codependence Day 04.02.2015 25.02.2021 145
Cokie the Clown 14.02.2015 19.02.2021 117
Fermented and Flailing 14.01.2015 06.02.2021 135
My Orphan Year (Acoustic) 19.01.2015 21.02.2021 110
Straight Outta Massachusetts 30.01.2015 26.02.2021 133

The War On Errorism (2003)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Franco Un American - - 0
Idiots Are Talking Over - - 0
Mattersville - - 0
The Irrationality of Rationality - - 0
13 Stitches 15.01.2015 27.01.2021 136
American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) 07.01.2015 11.12.2020 125
Anarchy Camp 13.01.2015 26.02.2021 145
Decom-Posuer 26.01.2015 24.02.2021 146
Franco Un-American 07.01.2015 13.02.2021 131
Idiots Are Taking Over 28.01.2015 26.11.2020 128
Mattersville 05.01.2015 26.02.2021 263
Medio-Core 02.01.2015 05.02.2021 135
Re-Gaining Unconciousness 23.01.2015 05.02.2021 158
She's Nubs 05.01.2015 20.01.2021 153
The Irrationality Of Rationality 02.01.2015 27.02.2021 236
The Separation Of Church And Skate 05.01.2015 03.02.2021 117
We Got Two Jealous Agains 07.01.2015 03.02.2021 142
Whoops, I OD'd 17.01.2015 08.12.2020 134
13 Stitches - - 0
American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) - - 0
Anarchy Camp - - 0
Decom-Posuer - - 0
Franco Un-American - - 0
Idiots Are Taking Over - - 0
Mattersville - - 0
Medio-Core - - 0
Re-Gaining Unconciousness - - 0
She's Nubs - - 0
The Irrationality Of Rationality - - 0
The Separation Of Church And Skate - - 0
We Got Two Jealous Agains - - 0
Whoops, I OD'd - - 0

The Longest Line (1992)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Kill All The White Man 02.01.2015 24.02.2021 117
The Longest Line 06.01.2015 28.02.2021 116

White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean (1992)

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Please play this song on the r 02.02.2015 29.01.2021 121


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Getting High On The Down Low - - 0

Ribbed (-)

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Brain constipation 10.02.2015 20.11.2019 18
Cheese,Where`s my slice 01.03.2015 07.10.2019 27
El Lay 06.02.2015 08.08.2019 19
Food, Sex&Ewe 15.02.2015 22.12.2019 34
Gonoherpasyphlaids 07.03.2015 06.05.2018 13
Green corn 29.01.2015 29.10.2019 19
I don't want you around 17.05.2015 25.11.2019 16
Just the flu 17.01.2015 07.12.2019 30
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Nowhere 02.08.2015 06.10.2019 23
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The Moron brothers 28.01.2015 10.12.2019 28
Together on the sand 06.01.2015 13.08.2019 30