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LAST SHOWS l ALL SHOWS WITH ASTPAI: www.astpai.org October 16th Philadelphia PA @The Golden Tea House w/The Holy Mess October 17th Providence RI @ AS220 October 19th Toms River NJ @ The Shed October 20th New York NY @ The HiFi Bar w/ Fellow Project October 21st VA Richmond VA @ The Camel w/ Luther, Static Radio, The Arteries October 22nd NC TBA October 23rd Atlanta GA @ Wonder Root w/ Burners October 24th FL TBA October 25th FL TBA October 26th FEST When a band like One Win Choice comes along, I’m reminded of what I loved about hardcore and punk in the first place: the community and friendship, the questioning nature and righteous indignation of their subject matter, and most importantly, songs that are passionate, honest, fiery and tight as all hell. I don’t need to be bowled over by your band’s “new sound” – Refused already did that ten years ago. Just make me believe in what you’re saying while I stomp along to the beat and scream in unison with the chorus and I’m a happy boy. I’m not claiming that One Win Choice is going to save the scene. However, I won’t deny that they’re doing all they can to breathe some much-needed life into it. With the release of a successful debut full-length last year and several DIY tours under their collective belts, it’s safe to say that this Toms River, N.J. five piece is off to a great start. 2009 finds the band stronger and more determined than ever with the release of Define / Redefine, five songs of hot-blooded, combustible hardcore punk with a poignant missive that questions authority, calls for solidarity and seeks truth. The South Jersey quartet sounds more assured of their songwriting skills than ever, more provocative and more memorable. While the band’s debut full-length, Never Suspend Disbelief was always on the verge of something great, Define / Redefine makes good on the promise of that record and finds One Win Choice hitting the punk rock nail squarely on the head. -Beartrap PR

Heimatstadt: Philadelphia, PA

Genre: Punk / Hardcore

Songs in der Playlist

Conveyor (2011)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
A Convincing Argument Against 01.01.2015 27.04.2022 32
Act Your Age 20.05.2015 01.12.2021 28
Breathing Normally 17.01.2015 29.12.2020 29
Frame Your Favorite Pictures 01.01.2015 14.04.2022 31
Hands Over Hearts 02.01.2015 09.09.2020 31
If Hell Existed 11.02.2015 24.07.2021 39
Movements 13.02.2015 20.06.2022 29
Ocean, Luzerne, Monroe 15.01.2015 15.06.2022 31
Paint Me a Better World 14.01.2015 02.07.2020 20
Places 23.11.2015 09.12.2021 24
Release Me 22.01.2015 20.04.2022 22
Where My Allegiance Lies 14.01.2015 03.05.2022 28
Who Threw Out the Itinerary 04.01.2015 03.03.2022 36