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Hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, The Detonators are a band which plays a very distinct style of punk rock infused with folk, rock'n'roll and rockabilly elements. They formed in 2010. and after playing around Serbia and Europe they completed and released their first album "Nuthin' To Lose" in Spring 2011. After some line up changes "R'n'R Keeps Me Alive" EP was out on My Heart Records from Germany in December 2011. followed by a German promo tour which, together with other concerts, makes this band one of the hardest touring bands abroad coming from Serbia. This EP showed that the line up changes worked pretty well for the band and that adding a mandolin to their sound, which already had been based on accordion, was definitely a good move. It defined the very diverse sound the band plays now, influenced a lot by Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid etc, but also quite unique. After one more year of playing around and writing new music, The Detonators recorded their next album "My World" which will be out on 30th August 2013. on Destiny Records, which the audience will have the opportunity to hear in the next months at one of their concerts and European tour. http://listn.to/TheDetonators https://twitter.com/TheDetonatorsNS

Heimatstadt: Novi Sad, Serbia

Genre: Punk'n'Folk / R'n'R /

Songs in der Playlist

My World (2013)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Away From Home 29.03.2015 23.02.2023 30
Far Away 25.02.2015 10.09.2022 31
Hang On 30.04.2015 02.08.2022 18
Hey Baby 09.01.2015 04.03.2023 23
Highway - - 0
Kings & Queens 25.04.2015 02.04.2022 32
Let's Go 26.01.2015 01.11.2022 46
Molly 17.02.2015 20.07.2022 30
My World 31.07.2015 01.03.2023 33
Word Or Two 13.03.2016 24.01.2023 26
You Will Never Die 24.02.2015 10.01.2023 38

Roots! Riot! Rumble! (2013)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Highway 13.02.2015 14.02.2023 59