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Formed in the summer of 2011, The Domestics are based in and around the Sudbury/Ipswich areas of Suffolk, England (home of E.N.T., The Adicts, The Stupids, Raw Noise etc). DISCOGRAPHY: PHYSICAL: 2018 (Jan) 'Routine & Ritual' LP (2nd press on orange vinyl) (Mangel Wax / Sick World / TNS / Kangaroo) 2017 (Dec) 'Routine & Ritual / Cherry Blossom Life +2' cassette tape (Devastation Records, Canada) 2017 (Dec) 'Live at The Eagle Inn, Salford, October 2017' cassette tape (Tin Bath Records, UK). 2017 (Aug) 'Cherry Blossom Life' LP. 17 tracks. Roughly 530 pressed, just over 100 on gold, 160-ish on silver, and 270-ish bronze vinyl. (TNS Records / Kangaroo Records). 2017 (Aug) 'Pissing on Perfection' 7" E.P. 6 songs. All cover versions (Gauze, Angry Samoans, Out Cold, The Fall, Rudimentary Peni, The 5 String Dropout Band). Glass-clear vinyl with yellow "piss streaks". 550 copies (Mangel Wax, Imminent Destruction, Kibou, Urinal Vinyl, Sick World, TNS) 2017 'Cemetary Polka' on 4 track 7" of Tom Waits covers (also featuring Casual Nausea, The Dead Class and Minor Discomfort Band). Unofficial / no label. 322 copies, 5 different colour covers. 2016 (Sept) 'Format of Control' 7" E.P. on Global Resistance Records. 2016 'Brutal Regimes' 6 song 7" E.P. on Kangaroo/Kibou. 394 copies on clear vinyl. 105 hand numbered on silver vinyl. 2015 'Don't Waste My Time' on 'WITHOUT KIBOU THERE IS NOTHING...VOLUME FOUR' (269 copies on red vinyl w/ red cover/211 copies on blue vinyl w/ blue vinyl + some with "Atoll" covers (25 red vinyl/20 blue) (w/ download code). Also features: 2 Sick Monkeys, Active Minds, Slug and more). 2015 (release date May 29th): split 7" with Volunteers. 2015 'Against the Wall' on 'At The Heart of What is Wrong with the British Establishment' compilation 7" (Orchestrated Dystopia Records) 2015: 'Dignity' on 'Haiku Fucks' 14 band 7" compilation (Kibou Records) 2014 (Xmas Day!): 'Routine & Ritual' LP (CD on TNS Records/ Vinyl LP released collaboratively by TNS, Kibou, Imminent Destruction and Orchestrated Dystopia) 2014: 'Get Fucked (Demo)' is on 'WITHOUT KIBOU THERE IS NOTHING...VOLUME THREE' (250 copies on green vinyl/250 copies on "snoty milk" vinyl - bot w/ download code). Also features: Volunteers, Captain X, The Shorts, Forced Existence, Immoral Minority, Hostages for Smack and Proud City Fathers. 2014: 'Kill Me' on 'WITHOUT KIBOU THERE IS NOTHING...VOLUME TWO' (310 copies white vinyl/250 copies hand numbered black vinyl - both w/ download code) (Kibou Records). Also features Autopsy Boys, Social Rut, Science Made Us Robots, Second in Line, Dis-Tank, Albion, Overload and Dijon Mustard. 2013: 'Self Abuse' on 'WITHOUT KIBOU THERE IS NOTHING...VOLUME ONE' red/black splatter vinyl 7" (500 copies)w/ download code (Kibou Records). Also features Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Shithouse, The Migraines, Just Add Monsters, Casual Nausea, No Last Words and The 5 String Dropout Band) 2013: 'LIVE AT GULLIVERS' - CD with wraparound colour poster sleeve. Quality 'straight from the desk' live recording of The Domestics live in Manchester in June 2013. Quality, pro-duped CD, lovely poster/cover with quality print job. Limited to 100 copies. (Kibou Records/Runny Bum Records) 2013: THE G.D.P. E.P. - 6 song, hand numbered, piss yellow vinyl 7” (300 copies) w/ download code. (Kibou Records/Runny Bum Records) 2012: ‘Keep it Lean’ 14 track album (CD only) – Kibou Records/Dusty Curtain Face Records 2012: ‘The Dombursters’ – split live tape (The Domestics & Chestburster both live in Harwich) (Dusty Curtain Face Records) 2012: Track on Pornography for Cowards ‘zine sampler CD (w/ The Ejections, Young Attenborough, Ducking Punches and more) 2012: Track on Dusty Curtain Face Records sampler cassette (w/Chestburster, Meadows, Black Temple Mass and more) DIGITAL: 2013: A track ('Idiot Jamboree') on 'UK BANDS COMPILATION' (PP PROMO RECORDS) with Total Bloody Chaos, Pedagree Skum, Rabid, The Nags, The Tickturds, 4 Past Midnight, Private Dicks, The Enemy, Crashed Out, Dirtbox Disco and more. 2013: A track on ‘A New World in our Hearts’ digital comp. (w/ Doom, Swinelord, Refuse/All, Appalachian Terror Unit, Braindead, Common Enemy, Grand Collapse, Gunpowder Plot, Luvdump, Power is Poison, Slug, State Funeral and many more (69 tracks/bands). (A benefit for the Freedom Bookshop on Iron Column Records). http://ironcolumnrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-new-world-in-our-hearts 2013: A track on ‘The Best of Essex Metal’ digital comp. (w/ Earthmass, Three Thrones, Chestburster, Meadows, Telepathy, Osmium Guillotine and more). http://essexmetal.bandcamp.com/ 2012: A track on ‘Not for Sale – Ichi’ digital comp. (Japan) (http://not4sale.bandcamp.com/album/not-4-sale-ichi) (w/ Six in Line, Thrash Bolta, No Control, S.D.X., Black Veins and more) 2012: Track on ‘A World We Never Made’ digital comp. (w/ Cavity Search, Population Zero, Dirty Protest, Abhorrent System, The Dead Pool, Just Add Monsters and more) (can’t find the link for this one!) More vinyl, tape and CD releases planned on various labels. The Domestics are: James Domestic (lead vocals , Ex-Krapp/Me.109s/The Party/Billy Idle & Caustic Goat and currently involved with Dis-Tank), Rhodes (bass/vocals, ex-Cockdaughter and Becky Jago and currently in Hobopope and the Goldfish Cathedral), Simon Battery(drums, ex-Dead Batteries, currently in Casual Nausea), Ted Mint (guitar, currently in Hobopope with Rhodes) and Ed Ache (ex-I.C.H. and currently also in Casual Nausea and doing solo acoustic punk sets).

Heimatstadt: Ipswich/Sudbury

Genre: Punk/Hardcore

Songs in der Playlist

Manchester Punk Festival Vol. 29 (2022)

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Maximum Hell 13.12.2022 22.03.2023 24

The Domestics / Disciple Split (2018)

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The Domestics 15.11.2018 16.01.2023 29

Cherry Blossom Life (2017)

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A Poison Too Far 09.08.2017 29.04.2022 54
Authentic Arsehole 04.08.2017 29.12.2022 41
Bullshit Parasite 16.08.2017 02.03.2023 35
Dead In The Dirt 03.08.2017 17.03.2023 53
Death Trap 11.08.2017 07.01.2023 38
Don't Tell Me What Love Is 11.08.2017 10.08.2021 40
Frustration 14.08.2017 04.03.2023 31
Guilty As Charged 15.08.2017 17.03.2023 51
Homegrown Violence 07.08.2017 11.03.2023 43
No Deposit No Return 04.08.2017 16.09.2022 35
Punch In The Guts 07.08.2017 05.11.2022 47
Self Abuse 15.08.2017 11.02.2023 42
Snuffed Out 05.08.2017 20.11.2022 47
Stalinist Purge 11.08.2017 23.02.2023 38

V.a. - Manchester Punk Festival Vol. 10 (2016)

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I Love My Job 23.12.2016 07.09.2022 53