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2002 The Movement was formed in Copenhagen by Lukas Sherfey. They played Denmark and started touring Germany. 2003 The Movement released the vinyl EP "Hardmod Internationalist EP" on Weird System and their 1st full length album "MOVE!" on the German record label Destiny Records. They did a 3-weeks tour with the German band "Terrorgruppe" through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Movement also played a lot of single club shows in Germany. 2004 The Movement played the Italy Street Beat Tour w. Banda Bassotti (it) and Fermin Muguruza (ESP) They also did the Deconstruction Tour 2004 through Europe w. Pennywise(US), Beatsteaks(D), Anti-Flag(US) and The Slackers(US). They played headliner shows in Germany, Spain, Switzerland & The Netherlands and festivals including Roskilde Festival in Denmark. They did a christmas tour w. Terrorgruppe and Muff Potter through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 2005 The Movement released their 2nd full length album "Revolutionary Sympathies" on Destiny Records. They played a headliner tour through Germany and a lot of festivals incl. Rheinkultur in Germany. They did a tour with The Slackers(US) in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Austria and a "Revolutionary Sympathies" tour in Italy and Spain, Germany and France. 2006 The "MOVE!" album and "Revolutionary Sympathies" was released in Japan, and The Movement played a successfull tour in the country. They also did a Europe tour with Mad Caddies(US) and a 4-weeks headliner tour through Europe. 2007 In The Netherlands, The Movement played their last show before taking a break. The frontman, singer & guitarist Lukas Sherfey, started to play acoustic solo shows around Germany. He did a support tour in Germany w. La Vela Puerca(URU) and a small tour with backing band in Spain. 2008 Lukas Sherfey released his solo album "Soul Vacation" and added a horn section to his baThe Movement - Class War!nd, to get a nice soul feeling. The album got good reviews in the German music press (Rolling Stone Magazine, Ox, Uncle Sallys etc..) 2009 Lukas Sherfey played club shows and festivals in Germany and did a Spain tour in the fall. 2010 The Movement starts up again with a few changes in the line up: Lukas Sherfey: Guitar and vocal Stefan Andersen: Drums (Stefan played on the "Revolutionary Sympathies" album and also on a lot of Movement tours) Chandu Chodavarapu: Bass (Chandu played bass live with Lukas Sherfey) The Movement starts touring again in the fall/winther 2010 2011 The Movement releases the EP "Still Living The Dream EP" in april 2011. Summer Festivals and big Europe fall tour- Spain and Germany, Austria Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Italy, Etc.. and with a new Drummer, Kasper Rasmussen! A fun fact: Kasper Rasmussen and Lukas Sherfey are close family related, they are cousins! 2012 The Movement is now releasing their third full length album titled “Fools Like You”. Lot’s of Festivals and a big “Record Release Tour” around Europe! 2013 New bass player, Sebastian Page! Lot's of shows, even in the USSR! 2014 New EP out "OUTRAGE!" 4 powerful songs. Released by Mad Butcher rec. The old records MOVE and Revolutionary Sympathies has been reprinted on vinyl. Lot's of dates and a big Europe tour with shows in Spain, Italy and France, a few in Switzerland and Belgium and a lot in Germany!

Heimatstadt: Copenhagen, Denmark

Genre: Mod / Rock / Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Future Freedom Time (2020)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Always Be In Love 22.04.2020 17.10.2022 10
Future, Freedom, Time 28.04.2020 17.05.2022 25
I Want It 02.05.2020 01.09.2022 26
Modern Times 04.08.2020 16.08.2022 14
Revolt 06.05.2020 28.11.2022 26
Rudie 01.05.2020 30.07.2021 13
Shake The Chains 23.04.2020 12.09.2022 17
Sound Of The Youth 29.07.2020 04.08.2022 10
That Feeling 28.04.2020 24.02.2023 26

Fools Like You (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Fools Like You 28.10.2015 03.08.2021 57
I Can Hardly Live Without You 16.10.2015 27.07.2022 55
If Just My Heart Was Turning 03.11.2015 17.01.2023 44
Monday Morning 30.10.2015 17.05.2022 42
Put The Lights On 26.10.2015 01.02.2023 53
Saving All My Kisses 18.10.2015 30.01.2023 52
Set Me Free 24.10.2015 25.02.2023 55
They Wont Help You 17.10.2015 12.09.2022 62
We Got Marx 19.10.2015 01.01.2023 59

Outrage! (2014)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
It's All In Your Mind 15.01.2015 12.03.2022 36
Outrage! 30.03.2015 21.11.2022 37
Smashing Up The World 08.05.2015 22.11.2022 31
This Is Your Life 21.01.2015 27.08.2022 40

V.A. - Dance To The Revolution Vol 2 (2014)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
We Have Marx 02.01.2015 28.08.2022 52

Still Living The Dream (2011)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
A Song To The Movement 02.01.2015 10.03.2023 179
Can I Hardly Live Without You 14.01.2015 24.03.2023 165
Let Me Love You 01.01.2015 06.02.2023 137
Since You Have Gone 28.01.2015 11.02.2023 161

Globalize This! (2009)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
A Little Rain 12.01.2015 12.03.2023 173
Control Your Temper 07.01.2015 20.01.2023 174
Get Pissed 04.01.2015 26.03.2023 167
How Come 08.01.2015 23.03.2023 176
I Need You 16.02.2015 22.03.2023 172
Loosing You 02.01.2015 23.03.2023 166
My Street 05.01.2015 14.03.2023 162
No Jobs 18.01.2015 01.03.2023 190
No Regrets Live 19.03.2015 21.03.2023 131
One Way Culture 13.02.2015 19.03.2023 125
Play It Safe 05.01.2015 28.02.2023 154
Still An Echo 31.01.2015 27.02.2023 155
Truth This 19.02.2015 16.03.2023 164
Turn Away Your Faces 22.01.2015 02.03.2023 149
Waiting 09.01.2015 27.03.2023 158
Wasted Youth 07.01.2015 24.02.2023 137
Your Love Is Making Me Stronger 28.01.2015 04.03.2023 172