Compilation "Turn The Radio On"

Inspired by a song that our friends of The Flatulinees dedicated to Punkrockers-Radio some time ago, we got the plan to release a compilation titled "Turn The Radio On" in spring 2020. If you love the medium radio as much as we do and want to contribute a song, you are very welcome. It doesn’t matter if it is a songs about radio in general or a song about Punkrockers-Radio in particular. Since we are punks, there are of course a few rules. The song is not a cover song, it may not be longer than 3:59 and we need it as a wav file. All the submissions, we will be put together to a pay-what-you-want compilation, which we will we offer on Bandcamp. Any proceeds will help to keep our station alive. There's also a plan to release the best songs as vinyl, but that is just an idea so far. We look forward to numerous submissions until 30th of April 2020 to If you got any questions about it, just let us know.

Thanks in advance. Peace, love an unity!

Thanks to Safety Pin for the amazing artwork and for the pretty nice fanzine they publish.