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Details zu Heartbreak Stereo


These Finnish fellas have played numerous shows around Europe since late 2004. Having played in bands since being kids, there is no doubt this three-piece knows, and loves what they are doing. After the release of two EPs: "s/t" in 2005 & "Echo Road" in 2007, HEARTBREAK STEREO recorded and released their first full-lenght record "Inspiration (Back From The Dead)" on Mitstrick Records in Finland, 2008. Which got picked up and released in Germany, Austria..etc by Rookie Records and by BossTunage in the UK and Japan 2009. On February the 1st, 2010, Mitstrick Records released the follow up full-lenght album "Carried Through This Waltz" in Finland, and Rookie Records and BossTunage will release it on March 5th in central Europe and in England. With influences of bands like Madcap, the Bronx, the Briefs, Bombshell Rocks, Against Me! Rancid, The Briggs... HEARTBREAK STEREO has shared the stages around Europe with bands like: BORN TO LOSE, THE REAL McKENZIES, RAT CITY RIOT, MAD CADDIES, TWOPOINTEIGHT, TYSTA MARI, HARD-ONS, BOUNCING SOULS, SPLITSIDE, HUDSON FALCONS, NO SHAME, SEEIN RED, HEARTATTACK RADIO ...etc... See you at the shows!

Heimatstadt: Helsinki / Turku

Genre: SkräbäPunk

Songs in der Playlist

Carried through this waltz (2010)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
2 Kids 17.01.2015 21.03.2019 16
A Massacre Display 19.01.2015 02.09.2018 22
All I Got 06.01.2015 08.03.2019 17
Bottle Rocket 17.01.2015 22.04.2019 15
Do I Need A Reason Not To Leave You Here To Die 15.04.2015 16.11.2018 20
Fell In Love 21.01.2015 18.04.2019 21
Is This It 17.02.2015 10.09.2018 25
Man Over Board 14.01.2015 07.02.2019 23
Me Against! 09.03.2015 29.06.2018 21
Say Nothing 13.05.2015 06.01.2019 22
Stepping Out Of Line 15.03.2015 11.09.2018 17
Sunburn 04.01.2015 25.04.2018 16
The Departure Point 23.05.2015 03.10.2018 11