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FFF are phenomenally chaotic, catastrophically melodic, and all in all, damn good. They are experts at turning their constant struggle in the world into melody, while being always broke, but never broken. Their songs are pamphlets of longing, of not giving up or if you do, then croaking with your hand on your heart. The band, revolving around steve neary, sweeten there uniquely catchy choruses with spit out gang vocals, dirty guitar solos and a ton of good ol' unwholesome comfort that causes the songs to eat their way into every punk lovers' eardrums. Live, the Boston boys are among the most likeable and energetic punk bands of the genre: always turned up to the max, always giving it their all! The five some have proven on countless tours and shows that they are rooted in their unique sound and over and over again, they distinguish themselves from the mass of the many, anonymous punkbands by their straight, dirty sound: not only in small, smoky basement clubs but also in airy halls as support for bands such as dropkick murphys, No Use For A Name, and Millencolin. In the studio, too, FFF combine the driving beat of the bass with distorted guitars and raspy vocals. They tell the story of an uncensored life without rules or mercy, of lost evenings and last minutes on their new 7 inch "Lets Be Frank", which was recorded and produced by the famed Jim Siegel who is most known for his work with Dropkick Murphys, Have Heart, and The Unseen. With these new songs in their baggage, the band tours Europe in 2013, and no matter how many walls they seem to drive into at full speed, FFF always manage to rise above the broken dreams and missed targets. In the end, this is what punk is all about: not letting the bastards drag you down. Castaways. New York. Boston. Op Ivy. Minor Threat. Jim Siegel. Crushed by heroes. Lifted by strangers. Journey to the end.

Heimatstadt: Boston, MA

Songs in der Playlist

The Coar (2021)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Hebburn 17.12.2021 22.09.2023 28
The Coat 23.12.2021 07.06.2023 19

Forgettable (2010)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Arthur Avenue 15.02.2015 04.11.2023 23
Better Boy 03.01.2015 24.05.2023 35
Danger! 03.05.2015 03.10.2023 23
Fanfare 10.01.2015 17.12.2023 33
Forgettable 26.04.2015 30.04.2023 31
I Just Wanna Play 17.03.2015 07.10.2023 38
Marigold 09.01.2015 01.07.2023 35
My Finest Suit (Sunshine) 10.05.2015 14.08.2023 30
Outer Space 01.03.2015 21.04.2023 27
Paperback 10.01.2015 27.03.2023 27
Pliva-638 01.01.2015 19.02.2024 29
Say Something 04.02.2015 21.02.2024 31
State O' Maine 26.04.2015 17.08.2023 35

East side of nowhere (2005)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
9 Lives 14.01.2015 09.08.2023 30
A Destination Nowhere 06.01.2015 30.09.2023 33
Castaway 06.01.2015 10.08.2023 36
Dusty Shelves 03.05.2015 20.01.2024 36
Forgive Me Father 26.02.2015 17.06.2023 38
Lost In The Rain 13.02.2015 13.09.2023 24
One Lifetime 16.03.2015 28.12.2023 40
Seasonal Patriot 16.01.2015 24.11.2023 36
The Bastard's Way 07.02.2015 11.09.2023 28
Those Never Forgotten 07.06.2015 24.01.2024 31