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MxPx is a punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington that started in 1992, playing shows in backyards, local VFW halls, and bars they weren’t old enough to drink in. They went on to sell millions of records, tour the world, and become one of the forerunners to the pop punk movement. Groups like New Found Glory and Good Charlotte credit MxPx for helping them get their start, and for many longtime fans, listening to the band was their first time hearing punk music. They survived the crash of the record industry by reinventing themselves and focusing on what matters most: the fans. After all these years, they’re still here, still touring the world, and making the best music they’ve ever made, hoping to see you at the next punk rawk show.

Heimatstadt: Bremerton, WA

Genre: Punk / Rock

Songs in der Playlist

Plans Within Plans (2012)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Aces Up 15.01.2015 31.12.2023 30
Best Of Times 18.02.2015 29.01.2024 36
Cast Down My Heart 11.02.2015 19.11.2021 27
Far Away 07.06.2015 01.09.2022 28
In The Past 11.01.2015 31.01.2024 35
Inside Out 19.04.2015 17.11.2023 28
Lucky Guy 30.01.2015 10.06.2023 34
Nothing's Gonna Change 01.03.2015 03.01.2023 31
Screw Loose 15.03.2015 11.01.2024 48
Stay On Your Feet 11.01.2015 16.07.2023 23
The Times 05.02.2015 23.01.2024 40
When It Comes To You 19.01.2015 26.10.2023 35