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Wir bestellen wieder T-Shirts, Pullis, Taschen und Kaffeebecher.

Wir bestellen wieder T-Shirts, Pullis, Taschen und Kaffeebecher. Diesmal haben wir zwei Motive zur Auswahl. Letzter Termin für Deine Bestellung ist der 14. März um Mitternacht.

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Storming out of their hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, The Rabble are breaking down narrow-minded preconceptions associated with modern music and blasting into hearts and minds worldwide. Harnessing the advantages of both experience and youth, this powerful and passionate three-piece have been together for almost ten years. Playing live uncompromisingly as teenagers, right the way through to their current young adulthood… One listen to the infectious anthems on their new 16 track sophomore album ‘The Battle’s Almost Over’ and you are left with a very clear notion - this is the honest and soulful Rock ‘n Roll music of a new generation. Formed in 2001 by brothers Chazz and Rupe at the young ages of 14 and 15 respectively, the first few years saw them honing their gritty, yet catchy sound and having several line-up changes before settling on recent addition to bass, Jamie. Adopting almost Ramones-like family terms; Chazz, Rupe and Jamie Rabble have also implemented the “do-it-yourself” approach of hero the late Joe Strummer; independently releasing their debut album ‘No Clue, No Future’, the ‘This is Our Lives E.P.’ and the new second full-length ‘The Battle’s Almost Over’. Through melding the sounds of English ’77 with more recent American heroes and having added inspired flavours of Hardcore (‘Sick and Tired'), Rock n' Roll (‘Step Back'), Rockabilly (‘The Devil's Highway'), Celtic sounds (‘The Battle') and an irrepressible style all of their own - the album spawned four hit singles in New Zealand, with their songs and videos appearing frequently on radio and television. Recorded by vocalist/guitarist Chazz in his own Number 8 Wire Recording Studio and mixed by Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphys, Far from Finished) at the Outpost in Boston, their latest record was a suitably international affair. The ambitious trio even secured guest-vocals by their new friend Mark Unseen (frontman for Boston Hardcore-infused punks The Unseen/Ashers) on the raging ‘This World Is Dead'! Having relentlessly toured New Zealand, Australia and the U.K/Europe over the last three years in support of their own brand of rebel-songs, the trio have now set their sights on the rest of the world. “We’ve decided to take our musical-agenda to the international arena” vocalist and drummer Rupe confidently declares. “I say agenda as we are very much into the songwriting side of music but have disregarded the limits within any given genre. We are not the discriminating type and so we implement a clear message to the tunes, we’re saying; no matter where you come from, no matter what you own, no matter your colour, class or creed, there are people out there who share the same energy and there is no need to feel helpless or alone. Anybody and everybody has the ability to belong on the stage, because freedom is of the conscience, and not the wallet. We wish to put aside our differences for the common good.” The album consists of 16 tracks that could each individually be singles all of their own. Melody’s that stress hope through perseverance. Lyrics that paint a distinct expression of positivity. “We don't ignore the negative, we simply embrace it and try to turn it around. I suppose you could say that the theme for the new record is generally that, through struggle people have achieved great things, but a fight for equal opportunity has only just begun.” With a deep belief in their songs and a determination to tour and spread their music, it's no wonder that Rupe confirms, “The Rabble is my life, The Rabble is my hope. It is a creation that is as beautiful as a red rose, but that will gladly stand out like a black sheep in a field of very plain and conventional white.” Battling on and winning over fans worldwide, The Rabble's awesome arsenal will see their army grow and grow. Raise your voice and rise up. The new 16 track album 'The Battle's Almost Over...' is now available in stores throughout New Zealand and Germany/Benelux – GO OUT AND GET IT! The brand new full-length 'Life's a Journey' is set to be released early this year! 2011...

Heimatstadt: New Zealand

Genre: Punk Rock

Songs in der Playlist

The Battle's Almost Over (2010)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Blood & Whiskey 28.01.2015 06.03.2021 45
Bored 08.01.2015 24.12.2020 27
City Of Sin 14.02.2015 10.12.2020 26
Dead End 29.01.2015 06.10.2019 14
Devil's Highway 08.05.2015 12.11.2020 24
Salvation 24.02.2015 29.01.2021 26
Seeking 11.03.2015 05.12.2020 29
Sick & Tired 26.02.2015 26.12.2020 16
Start Again 10.08.2015 28.11.2020 29
Step Back 06.02.2015 25.08.2020 38
The Battle 03.02.2015 14.06.2020 29
The New Generation 25.02.2015 25.11.2020 23
This World Is Dead (Featuring Mark Unseen) 04.01.2015 18.07.2020 16
Thommy Was... 02.01.2015 02.09.2020 25
Wasted Days 01.01.2015 18.06.2020 36
Zombies 02.01.2015 25.02.2021 34